Dhwani Legal Trust is a not-for-profit organization that aspires to provide legal aid and assistance to all, in accordance with the ideals envisaged in the Constitution of India.

Dhwani aspires to instill faith in the due process of the law among the general public, by providing affordable, reliable, and approachable legal aid, assistance and support. It is a trust registered under the provisions of the Indian Trusts Act, 1882.

A large section of the populace in developing societies such as India remains a victim of discrimination, and is prevented from procuring justice by ignorance, illiteracy, poverty, and lack of trust in the judicial machinery. This discrimination is meted out along gender, caste, sexual, racial, religious, and economic lines. Providing affordable and effective means to vulnerable groups in developing societies to access the legal machinery is imperative to deter their continued victimization.

Dhwani aspires to fulfill this need of providing women, children, persons with disability, victims of social oppression, and other socially and educationally backward sections of the society, with accessible legal aid and making them aware of their rights prescribed by the Law.

Dhwani primarily works under three broad rubrics - Sakhi (for its legal aid projects), Saarathi (for its legal awareness projects) and Sandhaana (for its community lawyering projects).